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Explore the Multi-Functional JVM Club 4 in 1 Micro USB OTG Hub - Detailed Review and Specifications

JVM Club 4 in 1 Micro USB OTG Hub Charge Cable Adapter with Charging Function Multi-Functional USB 2.0 4 in 1 Micro USB Host OTG Charge Hub Cord Adapter Splitter for Smartphones

Product Features

  • Data Transfer Rate - 10 Gigabits Per Second
  • Connector Type - Micro USB
  • Cable Type - USB
  • Compatible Devices - Charging Adapter, Smartphone
  • Colour - xBlack

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Product Review

Product Review: JVM Club 4in1 Micro USB OTG Hub Charge Cable Adapter

When it comes to high-functioning, recommended adapters, JVM club 4 in 1 Micro USB OTG Hub Charge Cable Adapter surely stands out. It's a high-performance product that excels in functionality, speed, and reliability making it a must-have for gadget enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let's examine what makes it notable among its competitors.

Rich Functionality of JVM Club 4in1 Micro USB OTG Hub Charge Cable Adapter

What makes this adapter intriguing is its set of features intrinsically designed to provide versatility making a myriad of tasks trouble-free. The 4in1 adapter acts as an OTG Hub that supports both micro USB and USB 2.0. The smart capability facilitates the addition of peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, or other storage devices to smartphones and tablets.

Data Transfer Profile

No one enjoys carrying around multiple adapters and cables. With the JVM Club adapter, tangled cables are a thing of the past. It offers fast and stable data transfer using the latest technology. It supports a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gigabits Per Second—a commendable speed that exceeds many similar products in the current market.

Excellent Connectability

JVM Club adapter accentuates its accommodating attribute by offering stellar connectivity. The micro USB connector's role fortifies its full compatibility to work fluidly with various devices—including Charging Adapter and many smartphone brands. It creates a cohesive connectivity environment reducing the need for carrying many separate cables or chargers.

Durable Build and Aesthetics

Users won't have to worry about frailty when using this adapter. It's dainty yet rigid, having been developed from durable materials that can endure day to day usage without becoming faulty. Adding to functionability is aesthetic elegance with its sleek black colour silhouette—it’s not just about the tech; it’s about style, too!

JVM Club Adapter: Performance Breakdown

Not all adapters provide equal performance, stability or compatibility. That's where the JVM Club Adapter pulls ahead of the competition. Let us understand this better using a summary table.

Features JVM Club 4in1 Adapter
Data transfer rate up to 10 Gigabits Per Second
Connector type Micro USB
Cable type USB, USB 2.0
Compatible devices Charging Adapter, Smartphones
Colour Sleek black


Thoroughly reviewing wider scenarios;,the JVM Club 4 in 1 Micro USB OTG Hub Charge Cable Adapter is effectively the best value shades good spaces to offer the maximum level of multi-functionality harnessing high-speed data transfer across a range of devices. Its ability to connect with smartphones in variegate majestic feat departments while dressed finely in a slick black finish places it at the forefront of adapters in the market. It abidingly trumpets value for money, precise hubbing comprehensive computational accords, and alliances, suave styles and reliable service to professionals alike.

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Product Info

  • Color: Black
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Technical Details

Brand ‎Generic
Manufacturer ‎Generic
Compatible Devices ‎Printer
Number of items ‎1
Number of Ports ‎4
Manufacturer ‎Generic
Country of Origin ‎India

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 680 INR

Discount: 24 %

MRP: 900

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