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Unleashing Techno Spark 3-In-1 OTG Adapter Review - The Adapter Providing Ultimate Data Transfer Solutions for Diverse Device Interfaces

Techno Spark 3 in 1 OTG Adapter,USB c to USB Adapter,Light- ning to USB c Adapter,Micro USB to USB Adapter,Versatile USB C OTG, Support Card Reader, Keyboard & Mouse,USB c to USB Adapter

Product Features

  • 【3-in-1 Multifunctional OTG Adapter】The 3-in-1 OTG adapter has 3 interfaces, support interface of i-phone, Type-C and Micro USB. USB OTG Adapter It is so easy for you to convert Type-C, Micro USB and other interfaces into USB 3.0 ports to connect external devices, such as U disk, card reader, printer, camera, keyboard, mouse, etc. Support USB c to light-ning Adapter.
  • 【USB otg Adapter USB 3.0 High-speed Transmission】This OTG adapter owns USB 3.0 port to realize faster date transfer, which is backward compatible with USB 2.0/ USB 1.1. USB C Adapter you can quickly transfer photos, videos and office files between different devices. Support USB c to USB Adapter
  • 【Plug and Play】The OTG adapter supports external USB flash drive to transfer photos, music, videos, documents and other data, which will save the memory of your phone. Just plug the OTG adapter to your devices, such as mobile phone, tablets, you can edit your files by connecting keyboard to the usb adapter. It's also convenient for you to connect the handle to enjoy your games. This OTG adapter is a good choice to facilitate your work and life.
  • 【Multiple Compatibility】This OTG adapter is compatible with IOS9 and higher system version devices.IOS9-IOS12 version devices only support U disk and card reader to obtain album photos.Devices with IOS 13 and above version devices support OTG extension function to make two-way data transmission and control.The exterior of the OTG adapter is made of metal, which is exquisite and durable. It is so small and easy to carry for you.
  • 【100% Satisfactory Service】We provide a 12-month replacement service and lifetime technical support for this product. If you encounter any quality problems during this period, we can replace the new product for you free of charge. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we are sure to offer you satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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Product Review

Product Review: Techno Spark 3 in 1 OTG Adapter

The Techno Spark 3 in 1 OTG Adapter is an impressive digital tool that exposes its users to the world of efficiency and convenience. Excellently structured into a compact and easy-to-carry design, this gadget athletically provides precision-personified functions and always seals good time with its unequivocal-positive outcomes.

3-in-1 Multifunctional OTG Adapter: Versatility and efficiency at its best

The Techno Spark 3 in 1 OTG adapter comfortably fulfills its mandate of providing diverse connection options with its 3-faceted interface. This trinity accommodates an array of cellular devices with its included iPhone, Type-C, and Micro USB interface compatibility.

Interface Types Common Compatible Devices
iPhone iPhone 6 and newer models
Type-C Galaxy S8 and onward models, Google Pixel and recent notebooks
Micro USB Fire tablets, numerous Bluetooth speakers, older models of Android devices

3.0 High-speed Transmission depicted

Time is money. Well aware of this universal truth, Techno Spark 3 in 1 OTG adapter incorporates the latest USB 3.0 port technology. This takes your data transmission experience to newer heights. Furthermore, to ensure untouched compatibility, it gracefully holds hands with older USB 2.0/ USB 1.1 models. Say goodbye to sluggish file transfers, enjoy a bumper-fast ride from this promising utilityieee!

Exercise Extensive User-Experience power with the Plug-And-Play feature

This incredibly facile interface leverages memnorable experiences. Accomplishing a broad scale of functions become natural with minimal efforts. Providing data transfer from U disk, congestion lease from your packed mobile memories, efficient connection to Tablet devices, there are countless possible errands in the silver palette of this smart tool.

Fine Multiple Compatibility

The swiss army to compatibility, this OTG adapter dutifully accepts a humongous range of devices. Starting with the intelligent compatibility adjudged by the IOS9 system and rightly sitting underneath the IOS12 umbrella, its Bluetooth services suite and Korean knows no bounds. Exercising full two-way data transmission and control - a shining trait majorly uninfected in peers, banners flamboyantly beyond IOS13 version units. Furthermore, cloacked within the protective smart metal exterior, you never need a frail heart.

100% Satisfactory Service

  • The Techno Spark 3 in 01 OTG Adapter brings a fail-safe companion you've been desiring. From a complete go-to 12-month replacement policy followed as standard, you are safe of frequent haunts.
  • Encounter an unprecedented issue or demand a savvy piece of information to movie your connection maneuver eleseat something else? Fret not, Techno Spark makes sure all your pleas are heard and solved promptly, delivering a part-depth Technical support always serving the cause.
  • Rest-assured, hold an assurance of expert assistance at the disposal. The best of everything at a very light call.

Invariably calm browsing corner, another proven Shoport for users lured to speedy transference at super speeds, Techno Sparks shares the Joy state gains, completing a full scale family touch defined to impart insane digitall growth.

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Product Info

  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 1.574803148 * 0.0220462262 * 1.968503935
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Technical Details

Brand ‎Techno Spark
Manufacturer ‎Techno Spark, 8169103906
Product Dimensions ‎5 x 5 x 4 cm; 10 Grams
Compatible Devices ‎Laptop,Tablet,Smartphone ; Lightning interface Devices ; USB C interface Devices ; Micro USB interface Devices
Number of items ‎1
Batteries Required ‎No
Number of Ports ‎3
Manufacturer ‎Techno Spark
Country of Origin ‎India
Item Weight ‎10 g

Manufecturing Info

  • Warranty: 10 Days Freindly Warranty

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 499 INR

Discount: 50 %

MRP: 999

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