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Review and Specifications of Amazon Basics Writing Tablet - An 8.5-inch Rainbow LCD Screen for Eco-Friendly Digital Writing Experience

Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with 8.5-inch rainbow colour LCD screen and Stylus Pen for Kids & Adults (Orange)

Product Features

  • Its rainbow-coloured LCD screen doesn't give off any glare, radiation, or blue light, thus, protecting your eyes while viewing or writing
  • Ultra-thin body makes it lightweight, portable, and convenient to carry and use
  • Its pressure-sensitive technology provides a paper-like experience as you write
  • Built-in coin-cell battery consumes low power and does not require any connection or charge

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Product Review

Product Review: Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with 8.5-inch rainbow color LCD screen and Stylus Pen for Kids & Adults (Orange)

An incredibly practical and feature-packed product, Amazon Basics Writing Tablet comes with a vibrant 8.5-inch rainbow colored LCD screen that steals the show as soon as you sets your eyes on it. This unique product, provided with both - Kids and adults in mind – not only improves your digital utility but also works as a marvellous personalised modification which you can treasure forever.

Stylish Bright, Rainbow-coloured LCD Screen

Fulfill your artistic needs and academic undertakings in color e board that uses a showy, RGB display to present whatever you scribble, doodle or write. Serious business letters look staid, and children's playtime drawing action seems virtually magical on this brightly lit canvass. Another mentioning feature of this cutting-edge piece of technology is its promising non-glaring attribute. You can have a relaxing working ambiance without turning completely dark – a demanding requirement with regular papers and pen digitizers that don’t possibly tag along this feature commendably.

Economic Eco-Friendly and Secure to Use

A modern product with excellent ecological credentials, the writing tablet with its ultra-thin light-weight frame is equipped with a duo of mammoth advantages. It is leaving a minimal carbon footprint on our Earth also protecting you from harmful credentials like radiation or blue light, thanks to its damaging light proof glasses which give promising standby time, providing consistent and dependable service for a long time.

Writing that feels like traditional paper

A distinctive feature providing a purely traditional tactile feel in fashionably digital aesthetics. The sigh-around technology involved in building this gadget doesn’t miss to feel your touch and transfers on-board screen diligently that you'd feel on priorities than on an uphill tablet surface.Ornate with skills full resolution border screen top with steadfast streams of tender flow roints giving security to a paper style writing digitizer, quite a feat!

Last but not the least, this dazzling hostility field equipped machine is also sporting a vital uplift, downtime thing uplifting directly by a renowned brand. It's paid justified kudos, while household users lured by strong mackwang their detailed machine have lauded their experience nooks discelling not any glitches—a commendable great justification.


Attribute Rating (out of 10)
Battery Life 10
Screen quality 8
Value for money 9
Usage Convenience 10

In conclusion, the Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with 8.5-inch rainbow color LCD screen and Stylus Pen electrify the domestic market with unprecedented user experience, alluring as much as it godsend spectrum that promises to transform the way digital styling was performed earlier. Straight 5 out 5 star pick makes it a grown letter choice in the burgeoning affordable market of technical gadgets. A trump card cheap as this can never go wrong. Prepare for an exciting digital journey with the new lifestyle gadget staple, the Amazon Basics Writing Tablet.

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Product Info

  • Color: Orange
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 8.97636 * 0.1984160358 * 5.78739

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎DONGGUAN ARCHER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, DONGGUAN ARCHER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Building 25, No . 77, Shilong Road, Guancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Brand ‎Amazon basics
Model Number ‎AB-RUFF05-ORG
Colour ‎Orange
Manufacturer Part Number ‎AB-RUFF05-ORG
Country of Origin ‎China

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: AB-RUFF05-ORG
  • ItemPartNumber: AB-RUFF05-ORG

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 299 INR

Discount: 70 %

MRP: 999

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