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Amazon Basics Writing Tablet Review: Efficient and Eye-safe Device for Every Age!

Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with 8.5-inch rainbow colour LCD screen and Stylus Pen for Kids & Adults (Black)

Product Features

  • Its rainbow-coloured LCD screen doesn't give off any glare, radiation, or blue light, thus, protecting your eyes while viewing or writing
  • Ultra-thin body makes it lightweight, portable, and convenient to carry and use
  • Its pressure-sensitive technology provides a paper-like experience as you write
  • Built-in coin-cell battery consumes low power and does not require any connection or charge

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Product Review

Product Review: Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with 8.5-inch Rainbow Colour LCD Screen and Stylus Pen

Technology has become a fundamental part of our lives, not just for adults but also for children. The Amazon Basics Writing Tablet with an 8.5-Inch Rainbow Colour LCD screen is especially a favourite among kids because of its visually appealing spectrum hues. This fully-packed tablet not only caters to the needs of adult users but also piques the interest of your little ones.

Key Features

Masterfully developed with pressure-sensitive technology, the Amazon Basics Writing Tablet gives adults and children an indulging writing and drawing experience similar to what you feel in real papers.Boasting a lightweight construction and slim profile, this device tremendously offers convenience and ease for end-users.

Health-Friendly Device

As screens become more pervasive in our lives, so too does exposure to blue light. Thankfully, the Amazon Basics writing tablet doesn't produce any glare, radiation, or blue light, sparing your eyes from potential strain and damage. Protect your or your child's eye health while viewing content or writing — an incredibly crucial feature not typically seen in most tablets.

Portable and Convenient

  • Ultra-thin and Lightweight: The job of most writing tablets is trimmed down to minimal function and form. This Amazon Basics model heightens that commitment. Housing tonnes of technology within it's ultra-thin and lightweight profile, it promises a hassle-free, nomadic experience to its users. Taking note has never been simpler, given you can extraordinally take it to work, school, or a trip with ease.
  • Built-in Coin-Cell Battery: Unlike most digital tech tools, the backlight on this Amazon tablet is kind to its built-in coin battery, sipping in.minimum power. This significantly saves up energy and, remarkably, doesn’t require constant charges.Measure it against most portable gadgets in the marketplace, and it inevitably soars to the top with this unmatched feature. Plus, getting employment from this device with this level of power efficiency means securing your position in the journey to defend the world by saving power.

Writing Experience

Think paper-like.The serving plate is this phenom-like drawing and writing experience offered. Sensitivity to pressure is seamlessly built into its system so the different thoughts and expressions - both in picture and letters form, can smoothly stand wearable by the thickness of the strip. This dynamite feature ensures hard press for bold and thick fonts and light ones for absolute delicacy. This construction was intended to help capture an assortment of lines and strokes – critical elements in both artwork and written pieces.

Product Specifications Details
Item Weight 249 g
Screen Size 8.5 inches
Color Rainbow
Battery Coin-cell battery

In Summary

It essentially offers everything you’d crave in a portable reading and writing tablet. This Amazon tablet offers a visually-rich experience with its Radiant Rainbow coloured layout, helping your child express his or her imaginative mind untethered vaguely.Moving forward in this journey, this innovative product will likely become that required handy educational tool Parents would willingly procure into learning tool range to manifest in their child's intellectual development seamlessly while managing eye safety. No strings attached-literally, it needs no wifi or habitual ammo to power.It tickled that right fancy in every dimension!

Secure a smart, hassle-free lifestyle with Amazon Basics Writing Tablet!

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Product Info

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 8.97636 * 0.1984160358 * 5.78739

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎DONGGUAN ARCHER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, DONGGUAN ARCHER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Building 25, No . 77, Shilong Road, Guancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Brand ‎Amazon basics
Model Number ‎AB-RUFF03
Colour ‎Multicolor
Manufacturer Part Number ‎AB-RUFF03
Country of Origin ‎China

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: AB-RUFF03
  • ItemPartNumber: AB-RUFF03

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 339 INR

Discount: 66 %

MRP: 999

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