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Pebble Cosmos Hues: Infinite HD Display, Voice Assistance, and Health Monitoring

Pebble Cosmos Hues 1.96” Smartwatch with Infinite HD Display and Health Monitoring

Pebble Cosmos Hues 1.96” Smartwatch with Infinite HD Display and Health Monitoring

Product Description

The Pebble Cosmos Hues is a smartwatch that features a 1.96-inch infinite HD display. It comes with 4 straps included in the box, a rotating crown for navigation, BT calling, AI voice assistance, 24x7 health monitoring, multiple watch faces, and sports modes.

Price Detail

Current Price: ₹1,999

Discount: 69%

MRP: ₹6,470

Buying Link: Buy from Amazon

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Pebble
  • Manufacturer: SRK POWERTECH PVT. LTD, Srk power tech pvt.ltd
  • Series: Cosmos Hues
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Item Height: 2.5 Centimeters
  • Item Width: 4.5 Centimeters
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm; 0.49 Grams
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: PFB61
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Operating System: Smartwatch
  • Battery Charge Time (in hours): 120 Minutes
  • Average Battery Life (in hours): 7 Days
  • Are Batteries Included: Yes
  • Number of Lithium Ion Cells: 1
  • Included Components: 1N Warranty Card, 1N User Manual, 1N Smartwatch, 4N Straps, 1N Charging Cable
  • Manufacturer: SRK POWERTECH PVT. LTD
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item Weight: 0.49 g

Product Review: Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch

The Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch is a stylish and feature-packed wearable device offered by the renowned brand, Pebble. Manufactured by SRK POWERTECH PVT. LTD, this smartwatch from the Cosmos Hues series boasts a multitude of functions while sporting an eye-catching multicolor design.

Design and Build

The Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch impresses with its sleek and compact design. Standing at 2.5 centimeters in height and 4.5 centimeters in width, it fits comfortably on the wrist without feeling bulky. The smartwatch weighs a mere 0.49 grams, making it practically weightless, providing a comfortable wearing experience even for extended periods.


Though detailed specifications of the display are not provided, users can expect a vibrant and clear screen, making it easy to navigate through menus and read notifications. The display size and type, however, remain undisclosed.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The smartwatch utilizes Bluetooth for seamless connectivity with various smartphones and other compatible devices. It supports wireless data transmission, making it convenient for users to stay connected without the hassle of cables or wires.


Powered by an Operating System dedicated to smartwatches, the Pebble Cosmos Hues is designed for smooth performance and efficient usage. With a single Lithium Polymer battery, which is included in the package, users can enjoy an average battery life of up to 7 days on a full charge. The battery charge time is around 120 minutes, ensuring that the device is ready for use quickly after charging.


The Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch offers an array of features that cater to the needs of tech-savvy individuals. From receiving smartphone notifications to tracking fitness activities, this smartwatch keeps users informed and motivated throughout the day. The inclusion of four straps allows users to personalize the watch's appearance according to their style and preferences.

Included Components

In addition to the smartwatch itself, the package contains several useful components, including 1N Warranty Card and User Manual to assist users in understanding the device's functions and warranty coverage. Furthermore, users will find 1N Charging Cable and 4N Straps, adding value and versatility to the overall package.


In conclusion, the Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch offers an enticing blend of style, functionality, and performance. Its lightweight design ensures maximum comfort, while the variety of features and connectivity options make it a valuable companion for modern-day users. Whether you seek a reliable fitness tracker or a convenient way to stay updated on notifications, this smartwatch caters to various needs. The Pebble Cosmos Hues SmartWatch is a worthy contender in the ever-expanding world of wearable technology.

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