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Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) | Smart speaker with Alexa (Blue) - The Ultimate Smart Speaker with Improved Bass Performance and Voice Control

The new and improved Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release): A Voice-controlled Smart Speaker with Alexa (Blue)

The new and improved Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release): A Voice-controlled Smart Speaker with Alexa (Blue)

Product Description

The Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) is a smart speaker with Alexa that is designed to make your life easier. It can perform a wide range of tasks just by using your voice, allowing you to control your smart home, play music, get updates on the news and weather, set reminders, and much more.

Price: ₹2,249

The Echo Dot is currently available at a discounted price of ₹2,249. The original price of the product is ₹4,499, which means you're getting a 50% discount. Don't miss out on this great deal!

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Product Specifications


  • 4th Generation Echo Dot - Smart Speaker with Alexa
  • Improved bass performance compared to Echo Dot 3rd Gen
  • Compatible with a wide range of music streaming services
  • Voice control Alexa compatible smart appliances
  • In-built motion detection for automated lighting
  • Set reminders, pay bills, and manage your day with Alexa
  • Can be used as a standalone speaker or Bluetooth speaker
  • Multiple privacy controls, including a mic off button


Title: Great Sound Quality and Convenient Features

The Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) has impressed me with its sound quality and range of features. The improved bass performance compared to its predecessor, the Echo Dot 3rd Gen, really makes a difference. The device produces clear and crisp sound that fills the room.

One of the standout features of the Echo Dot is its compatibility with various music streaming services. You can easily ask Alexa to play music from platforms like Amazon Music, Hungama, Spotify, Jio Saavn, and Apple Music. It's great to have such a wide range of options at your fingertips.

Additionally, the Echo Dot's voice control functionality allows you to connect and control various smart appliances in your home, including lights, ACs, TVs, and geysers. Even if you don't have smart appliances, you can still make use of smart plugs to control non-smart appliances. This expands the capabilities of the Echo Dot and makes your life more convenient.

The in-built motion detection feature is a fantastic addition to the Echo Dot. It allows you to automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room, creating a seamless lighting experience. You can easily set up these experiences using the routines feature in the Alexa app.

Managing your day with the Echo Dot is a breeze. You can simply ask Alexa to set reminders, pay bills, read the news, and much more. It's like having a personal assistant at your disposal. I have found it extremely handy for staying on top of my tasks and keeping my schedule organized.

Another great aspect of the Echo Dot is its versatility. You can use it as a standalone speaker to enjoy your favorite music, or you can pair it with your phone to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. This enables you to play songs from your personal collection or stream audio from other apps through the Echo Dot.

Last but not least, the Echo Dot comes with multiple privacy controls. If you're concerned about privacy, you can easily turn off the microphone with just the touch of a button. This ensures that your conversations remain private and are not recorded.

In conclusion, the Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) is a fantastic smart speaker that offers excellent sound quality and a range of convenient features. Whether you're looking to control your smart home, enjoy music, or manage your day, the Echo Dot delivers on all fronts. With its discounted price and discounted price of ₹2,249, it's an incredible value for money. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your smart home experience.

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