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Unbiased Review and Detailed Specifications for Virtutron USB C Adapter – High Speed Charging and Data Transfer Solution for Multiple Devices

Virtutron USB 3.0 Type C Female to USB A Male Adapter Type C to USB A Charger Converter/Connector Compatible for iPhone 14 13 12 11 Samsung Galaxy Note S23+ S22 S21 S20 & Other Type-c Devices

Product Features

  • Virtutron USB-C female to USB-A male adapter made for charging or data transfer it will NOT support video signal transmission. Not compatible with your Apple Magsafe Charger or charge macbook
  • High Speed : Offer USB 3.0 data transfer speed and supports 3 Amp power output for charging.
  • Easy to use Plug & play no software needed with this virtutron type c adapter can be plugged into an available standard usb port such as your wall or car charger personal computer power bank and can connect your devices with type c protocol
  • Virtutron TYPE C ADAPTER IS Designed and constructed with high quality MATERIAL for maximum LIFESPAN
  • Compatible with the following type-c devices laptops, tablets, and smart phones to name a few for reference iphone x 11 12 13 14 mini pro max, Samsung galaxy s23 s22 s21 + ultra, note 10 , 20, google chromebook, pixel 5 4 3 xl, apple macbook ipad pro 2021/18 /20, and more.

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Product Review

Virtutron USB-C Adapter: The Ultimate Converter for Your Devices

Technology never ceases to roll out new devices and innovations.Most recently, the USB Type-C has been the biggest thing in tech town. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers now come with the universal USB-C Ports. But, this growth problem. Luckily, the market responded by introducing adapters, specifically designed to bridge the gap between the old and the new. Enter, the Virtutron USB-C Female to USB-A Male adapter.

An Adaptor Made For The Future

The Virtutron USB-C to USB-A adapter serves a simple but a golden purpose - convert existing devices and cables with type A USB port to more advanced Type-c protocol. This effectively broadens the compatibility range, allowing you to use the USB-A products with USB-C capable systems. Please note that while the adapter successfully transfers data with a high-speed and supports 3A power output for charging, it will not transfer video signals nor will it work with Magsafe iPhone chargers or charge Macbook systems.

Simplicity of Use

This adapter has been designed for an incredibly easy and efficient Plug & Play experience. Virtutron has been conscious to ensure no dizzying software or tedious installation process needed for you to use this adapter. A simple plugging into the available USB port is all you need to make this system work.

Compatibility and Design

Made entirely from high-quality materials, this converter ensures a striking lifespan allowing it to last as your tech equipment evolves. The Virtutron adapter accepts a variety of type C protocol devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and to provide specifics- devices such as the iPhone X 11 12 13 14 mini Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy s23 s22 s21 + ultra, Note 10 , 20, Google Chromebook, Pixel 5 4 3 Xl, Apple Macbook iPad Pro 2021/18/20 and much more.

Product Features
Virtutron USB-C Adapter USB 3.0, Data transfer, 3 Amp charging
No support Video signal transmission, Apple Magsafe Charger, Charging MacBook
Compatibility Laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Final Summary

Looking at the features and positive practicalities of the Virtutron adapter, it is exactly the tool you need to future proof your current devices with USB-C technology. It's plug and play, high-speed data transfers, broad compatibility and long-lasting construction makes it one of the preferred choices for users.

By buying a technology like the Virtutron adapter. It is a perfect mix of linear upgrade without rushing for a complete overhaul of all your beloved devices. So plug in, connect and give your USB-A accessories a run in the newest Type C circles with this Virtutron USB-C adapter.

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Product Info

  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 0 * 0.0220462262 * 0
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Manufecturing Info

  • Warranty: 1 Year

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