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Streamlining Professional Style with the Clownfish Opulence Series Multipurpose Women's Handbag- A blend of Design, Craftsmanship and Functionality

THE CLOWNFISH Opulence Series Multipurpose Handbag For Women Box Bag 14 inch Laptop Bag Tote Printed Handicraft Fabric & Faux Leather Office Bag Hand Messenger Bag (Black-Wave Design)

Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: This womens laptop bag is made from combination of Printed Handicraft Fabric & Faux leather. For the inner lining, soft feel polyester fabric is used. The zippers, pullers used are smooth, sturdy and durable.
  • ORGANISED DESIGN: This bag has one main compartment with soft padded laptop sleeve to protect your 15.6 inch laptop from external shocks. Comes with inner zip pocket to keep your assets like pens, power bank, hard disc, mobile, diary, notepad etc in place.
  • STORAGE CAPACITY & SIZE: Dimensions of the bag are (L) 40 x (W) 13 x (H) 33 cm. The total capacity of the bag is 17.2 liters. Weight of the bag : 0.52 kg.
  • COMPATIBILITY: It is a practical office handbag, perfect for carrying laptop, documents and essential accessories for women professionals. It comes with sturdy twin handles to ease your fatigue on the go.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: 1-year warranty on this bag against any manufacturing defects.

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Product Review

Product Review: The Clownfish Opulence Series Multipurpose Handbag For Women

A popular choice among career-focused women, The Clownfish Opulence Series Multifunction Bag is more than just an accessory. It's a fusion of style and functionality, proving to be the best pick for women balancing work and our fun-loving social lives. With distinctive features that can suit any lifestyle, let’s explore why you should consider choosing this tote for your everyday needs.

Premium Fabric

One aspect that stands out in this utility handbag is the contemporary combination of designer handicraft fabric and faux leather. This unique blend speaks to a versatile look that fits any attire, whether for work or casual meet-ups with friends. For those mindful of durability, there's the polyester lining designed to cope with everyday integration; it adds an extra element of luxurious finish resistant to strangest stains. Meanwhile, the quality reassured focusing on tiers of zippers is unparalleled. The sturdiness is palpable; each puller designed in such a way that smooth access to your essentials is a matter of routine task.

Convenience Across Compartments

Nestled within the main compartment of this tote is a protective home for your laptop. Tailored with a soft padded laptop sleeve, your device has an assured barrier against any external shock from accidental drops or a misguided cup of coffee. Another feature worth commending is the simplicity and effectiveness of the flat interior zip pocket; tuck away items such as pens, power bank, mobile, hard disc, diary and more. The distinct tidiness brought on ensures your objects stand still and stating your organized way of life.

Packed Width in Size and Capacity

Examining under a deeper lens presents us with the dimensions that provide premium storage. Akin to its integrated chic features the bag’s size confer an abundance of attractiveness. Labeled (L) 40 x (W) 13 x (H) 33 cm, this bag discretely hides cabin-like space in its compact outline. Accommodating an acceptable 17.2 liters of capacity at a meager weight of 0.52 kg, this professional weekday carrier-left-weekend mate unfurls massive surprises to make this a shopper's top-rated choice.

Competent Compatibility

Lenders of creativity in this piece affix attributes extending the utilitarian philosophy - carrying essential documents and accommodating office aids is made comfortable, compact but capacious. Designed with twin handles embedded with superior regular grip gives muscles deserving massage relievers. They also resist any strain from interrupting your onward march to accomplish important deadline confidently.

Guilt-Free Assurance

One unique example securing investors trust in this consist premiere buy is an extended 1-year warranty on its conceal. Your shopping carte experiences a guaranteed promising security foothold against any manufacturing malfunctions. A perfumer designed to respecting and implementing trustworthy product cycle.

Features Specifications
Material Faux leather & Fabric
Size 40 x 13 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 0.52 kg
Capacity 17.2 liters
Compatibility For office ware and laptop
Warranty 1 year

Final Thoughts - For Every Woman

The Clownfish Opulence Series Multipurpose Handbag is more than a carrier for daily essentials -- it transforms into a statement reflecting original might as users escalate their mindful journey into personal bests. In retrospect, traditional or casual outfits find a trustworth companion in this professionally compatible bag if Style or Functionality is aimed to achieve out of it.

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Product Info

  • Color: Opulence Black Wave Design
  • Size: M
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 12.992125971 * 1.543235834 * 15.74803148
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Manufecturing Info

  • Warranty: no warranty
  • ItemPartNumber: TCFWLBJU-GA14BL-WV

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 1299 INR

Discount: 68 %

MRP: 3999

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