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Explore the Versatility of the PC MAX - USB C to VGA Adapter: Impeccably Compatible with Multiple Devices and Ensures Unbeatable Performance

PC MAX - USB C to VGA Adapter, USB Type C to VGA Converter, USB C Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2020, Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Chromebook Pixel,iPad Pro(2020)

Product Features

  • The PC MAX USB C to VGA Adapter allows you to connect USB Type C-enabled devices to a VGA display.
  • It delivers high-quality video and audio output with resolutions of up to 1080p at 60Hz.
  • The adapter is compatible with various devices, including the Macbook Pro 2020, Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Chromebook Pixel, and iPad Pro 2020.
  • It is easy to use and requires no software or drivers for installation.
  • The adapter is compact, lightweight, and durable, making it an ideal solution for presentations or watching movies on a larger screen.

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Product Review

Comprehensive Review of PC MAX - USB C to VGA Adapter

The modern world breathes life into multitudes of digital devices; some with synergizing abilities but others bound by the incapability to cohabitate. Struggling to connect your new USB-C port device to a VGA display monitor? Enters the PC MAX - USB C to VGA Adapter - a one-stop, fuss-free solution denouncing incompatibility. Crafted in an expanse of compact, lightweight, and durable form, the adapter flips repetitious installation on its head - sanctioning a seamless set-up experience devoid of dripping into tiresome software or driver extensions. So let's dive deep into its features, looking at the device's compatibility, design, ease of use, and output.

1. Universal Compatibility

The PC MAX USB-C to VGA adapter gains an exclusive leg-up in the market owing to its universal compatibility. Not just with the MacBook Pro 2020, Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Chromebook Pixel, and iPad Pro 2020 - it seems the trusted tool in stringing any USB Types C-enabled device with a VGA display. Who said older and newer technology couldn't work harmoniously together? This adapter personifies this treasured camaraderie redux.

2. Design and Handiness

Keeping customer's convenience in view, the makers accounted for it to be everything but bulky. It's an embodiment of compact and lightweight design, where quality forfeits not its virtue to size. Emblazoned with durability, the USB-C adapter leapfrogs as an anytime, anywhere concealed companion that dubs as a handy workspace papillon - synergistically pouring life into all major space-crunched business meetings and presentations.

3. Ease of Use

This USB-C to VGA adapter elegantly jumps down to the much-desired plug-and-play vicinity. Its usability is quite straightforward and simple, unwinding users from the maddening spiral of software or driver downloads. An odd slip of the device in the correct port is an ordained requisite ticking powerful joined-air endeavours into accomplished trysted realities.

4. High-Quality Video and Audio Output

The true mettle of the PC MAX USB-C to VGA adapter, conversing from a user experience hook, lies plated within its performance. Introduced to cinching the highest slot in terms of audio-video quality, this fearless accessory crumbles 'mediocre' - pledging output clarity nailing fuzz-free 1080p resolutions at a swift-slice 60Hz. It reels cinematic dreams mirroring a formidable tussle in their right sizes - be it collegiate presentations, urgent reports, movie watching, or gaming-session rallying.

Final Thoughts

Every digitized peripheral urges the need for an equally able aiding device seeing genuine efforts play through. The PC MAX USB-C to VGA adapter rightly serves as an accomplishing deadline saviour - geared up neighboured next to any USB C-enabled device like MacBook Pro 2020, Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Chromebook Pixel, iPad Pro 2020 wrestling fluent enactment.

Brand NamePC MAX
Product TypeUSB C to VGA adapter
Compatible DevicesMackbook Pro 2020, Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Chromebook Pixel, iPad Pro(2020) & other USB Type C-enabled devices
Resolution RateUp to 1080p at 60Hz
Installation TypePlug-and-play
Product DesignCompact, Lightweight, Durable

Delivering a sterling brush with demanded a high-resolution rate at lightning speed of 60Hz transforms mere presentations piloted into commissioned tales of teeming prod igies. In a nutshell, a powerful synergy for powerful devices is house-wrapped in a small, sturdy gadget pining roads of compatibility wildly. The PC MAX USB C to VGA adapter - a solid pick cushioning peak professional needs.

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Product Info

  • Color: Silver
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 0 * 0.0661386786 * 0

Technical Details

Brand ‎PC MAX
Manufacturer ‎PC MAX
Package Dimensions ‎15.8 x 7.5 x 1.9 cm; 30 Grams
Item part number ‎PCM-TYPCVGA-AC003
Compatible Devices ‎PC
Batteries Required ‎No
Number of Ports ‎1
Manufacturer ‎PC MAX
Country of Origin ‎India
Item Weight ‎30 g

Manufecturing Info

  • ItemPartNumber: PCM-TYPCVGA-AC003

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 895 INR

Discount: 40 %

MRP: 1499

View on Amazon
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