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Revolutionize Your Work and Leisure with DRM Mart's Foldable Wooden Laptop Bed Tray Table: Full Review and Specifications

DRM Mart Foldable Wooden Laptop Bed Tray Table, Multifunction Lap Tablet Desk with Cup Holder, Perfect for Eating Breakfast, Reading Book, Working, Watching Movie On Bed (Black Flower)

Product Features

  • PERFECT UTILITY:- ★If you work on your laptop or book while on bed or on the floor, this product IS for you. It elevates the visibility to perfect eye level so as to minimize neck and back strain.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE :- ★This multi functional table will be a perfect addition to your office, home or home office. Use it as a multifunctional workstation, a standing desk for office work, a snack tray for watching TV, a laptop or tablet stand for relaxing in bed or a food table to enjoy breakfast in bed!
  • HEALTHIER WORKING: -★ It frees from disorders such as backache, neck pain and stiffness caused by sitting long hours in the same posture. Can be used in conjunction with a regular desk to enables you to work while standing.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCT:-★ Sturdy and scientific construction - it can afford heavy items ( like printer, laptop, and desk organizers ) but occupy small areas
  • TRUE ENGINEERING:-★ This table comes with anti slip rubber at the bottom and additional tablet holder slot in landscape mode. You'll be addicted once you used it.

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Product Review

Product Review: DRM Mart Foldable Wooden Laptop Bed Tray Table

The DRM Mart Foldable Wooden Laptop Bed Tray Table is becoming a hot favorite among people who prefer or need to work from their bed. The sturdy construction and functionally-rich design make it a compelling investment for those who want to work remotely with absolute comfort. Whether you are a freelancer or a professional tied to your home office routine, this product enhances your productivity optimally.

Structured for Perfection

Rated highly for its perfect utility, this portable desk caters to everyone who needs to be on their laptops or engrossed in books while lounging on their bed or the floor. Ingeniously designed, the height of the table offers a perfect eye level that surpasses the conventional work approach. This feature disarms the strain you may experience on your neck and back, making it a perfect investment for your long-term health.

Versatility at Its Best

This item captures the true essence of versatility. Complementing office use perfectly, you can also make it work as an arena to enjoy snacks while binge-watching your favourite web series. Reading in bed, writing or using a tablet becomes easy with its lapse-top design. Turn your breakfast in-bed aspiration real with its edge-guard design preventing food crumbs from snacking escapades. It is truly a multi-functional table that adapts perfectly with changing needs for both home and office uses.

A Step Towards Healthier Working

Studies repeatedly put emphasis on the crucial need to improve our work posture to prevent multiple orthopedic complaints. This foldable tray table is tailored for boosting healthier working habits. Combine it with a conventional desk, and you have a dynamic work-station allowing you to maintain a well-balanced cycle of sitting and standing patterns. It ignores the constraints imposed by tricky payloads as it can easily afford heavy equipment like printers or desktops.

True Engineering & Durable Construction

Merveilleously robust in its construction, accounting for only a small area, the unique framework simplifies major accommodation tasks, despite its ability to carry load signifcantly. Sage inclusion of an anti-slip rubber element instills inept balance and firm grip. Conveniently positioned in the landscape mode, the additional tablet holder extends undeniable practicality.

Feature Review
Perfect Utility Highly relevant for both office and home uses.
Versatility Commendable,yscale to diverse needs.
Durable Construct Impeccable to manage heavy-owned peripherals with a minimal footprint.
True Engineering Appreciable-a smart way to manage workflow with argumentable easiness.


This foldable wooden laptop bed tray table is a nifty product combining productive utility and ergonomic healthiness enthralling. It is a valuable addition at home as well as office professional arcs allowing high versatility in role-plays. A mighty handy table for the Digital Age of gadgets, tied inclusively on sturdy durability—the DRM Mart Foldable Wooden Laptop Bed Tray Table is undeniably ruling as every modern individuals feast!

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Product Info

  • Size: Standard
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 5.905511805 * 0 * 1.968503935

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎DRM Mart
Brand ‎DRM Mart
Material ‎Engineered Wood, Bamboo Wood
Size ‎Standard
Manufacturer Part Number ‎A5765
Manufacturer ‎DRM Mart
Country of Origin ‎India

Manufecturing Info

  • ItemPartNumber: A5765

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 379 INR

Discount: 53 %

MRP: 799

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