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BAEYE 4.3V Ultra Fast USB Charging Cable Review - Superior Power Solution for Most Philips Trimmers, Shavers, and Grooming Models

BAEYE 4.3V ultra fast USB charging cable compatible with most philips trimmer, shavers, body groomers & multi grooming models (Replacement for A00390 Charger) AA23

Product Features

  • 4.3V Trimmer Charger Compatible With Select Philips Trimmers & Shavers.
  • This Is A Replacement Charger Compatible With Philips A00390 Charger only
  • Other Compatible Trimmer models - QT3310, QT4000, QT4001, QT4003, QT4005, QT4006, QG3030, QG3330, QG3332, QG3333, QG3340, QG3342, QG3343, QG3347, MG3730, QG3320/15, BT3203, S1030, S1070
  • This is a very Specific Charger which will work for 4.3V Supported Models and will not work for other models of philips where 15v charger is required.
  • Non-Compatible Models: BT3200, BT3215, BT5200, BT5210, BT5260, BT7206, BT7215, BT9280, BT3221, BT3205, BT3211, BT3227, BT3210, BT7501, BG2024, BG2026, BG2028, BG2036, BG2039, BG2040, AT890, AT891, AT896, HC3418, HC3420, HC5410, HC5440, HC5450, HC7450, HC7452, HQ7320, MG7715, MG7745, QG3382, QG3383, QG3387, QG3389, QS6140, QT4009, QT4010, QT4011, QT4014, QT4018, QT4019, QT4022, QT4070, RQ1150, RQ1250, RQ310, S5420, S7320, BG3006, AT899, AT880, AT600, AT610, AT620, AT750, AT756, S5050

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Product Review

Product Review: BAEYE 4.3V Ultra Fast USB Charging Cable Compatible with Philips Trimmer Models

In this increasingly digital and mobile age—it often becomes challenging to keep your grooming gadgets—like shavers, trimmers, and body groomers full of energy especially when there aren’t enough charging slots available for them. Furthermore, each of them usually requires a unique charger, which may become a strenuous task. If you frequently face this issue and are scouting for a convenient charging solution, then this review might come in handy.


The BAEYE 4.3V ultra-fast USB charging cable is specifically designed for those wishing to merge convenience and efficiency when it comes to grooming gadgets. Particularly, if you’ve been looking for a Philips A00390 compatible charger, this product is right up your alley.

Detailed Review

This nifty charger has a lot to offer, and we have extensively tested for its compatible range, optimal performance, charging speed adequacy and non-compatible models to provide an in-depth review.

Pro's Con's
1 Widely Compatible Non-compatible with certain models
2 Ultra-fast Charging Not suitable for 15V required models
3 USB Support Specific to 4.3V supported models

Compatibility and Usage

Specifically tailored for flexible use, this charger is Compatible with ample Philips trimmers models such as - QT3310, QT4000, QT4001, QT4003, QT4005, QT4006, QG3030, QG3330, QG3332, QG3333, QG3340, QG3342, QG3343, QG3347, MG3730, QG3320/15, BT3203, S1030 and S1070.

Performance and Charging Speed

By its superb design enabling ultra-fast USB Charging, the BAEYE 4.3V USB charging cable accelerates the time taken to charge your grooming gadgets completely. It becomes easy to ensure your Phillips trimmers never run out of battery, thus letting you maintain your desired appearance.

Final thoughts

In essence, the BAEYE 4.3V USB Charging Cable is an excellent device for grooming lovers wishing for a reliable solution compatible with several Philips gadgets but specifically limited to 4.3-V-volt Philips models. Though compatibility limitations fall under the radar of its few downsides, its ultra-fast charging speed coupled with its USB support functionality makes it an invaluable gem for those who wish to bid adieu to the multiple chargers for their Philips grooming tools.

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Product Info

  • Color: Black
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 4.330708657 * 0.220462262 * 39.3700787
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Technical Details

Brand ‎BAEYE
Manufacturer ‎Baeye
Country of Origin ‎China
Model number ‎43V AA23
Colour ‎Black
Number of Memory Sticks ‎1
Special Feature ‎Fast Charging
Item Weight ‎100 g
Product Dimensions ‎100 x 5 x 11 cm; 100 Grams
Item model number ‎43V AA23
Item Height ‎11 Centimeters
Item Width ‎5 Centimeters
Cable Interface ‎USB
Connectivity Technology ‎USB
Compatible Device ‎Laptop, Personal Computer, Charging Adapter, Power Bank
Included Components ‎Charging Cable

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: 43V AA23
  • ItemPartNumber: 43V AA23

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 399 INR

Discount: 60 %

MRP: 999

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