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Ant Esports Infinity Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Redefining Gaming and Music Experience with Advanced Features and Superior Performance

Ant Esports Infinity Plus TWS True Wireless Earbuds | Low Latency with Dedicated Gaming Mode, IPX4 Rating, Bluetooth 5.3 - Black/Grey

Product Features

  • Music / Gaming Mode - when this wireless ear buds in music mode, the bass is robust and deep. In game mode earbuds have a low latency feature, audio response with the device almost synchronized at the same time.
  • Advanced chipset - Ant Esports Infinity true wireless earbuds are loaded with a super low power consumption chipset, Also 300 mAh button cell battery helps you to play the music as long as 5 hours on one charge. It's 10mm speaker driver focus on extra bass sound quality that gives you live music experience.
  • Auto Connection and Smart Touch Control - After the first pairing, both earbuds can auto connect while When it picks up from the charging case. Earbuds build-in touch control panel, easy to control play/pause, previous/next track, etc.
  • Good Performance – Low power consumption - Each offers up to 4-6 hours battery and upto 20hrs with the 300mAh charging case. Charging time about 2 hours.
  • Comfortable Great Audio - Earbuds speaker deliver clear sound, isolate outside noise. Smooth audio transmission, intelligent noise reduction & wide compatibility.

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Product Review

Product Review: Ant Esports Infinity Plus TWS True Wireless Earbuds


True wireless earbuds have revolutionized the way consumers listen to music and with the launch of the Ant Esports Infinity Plus TWS True Wireless Earbuds, this market sector is further elevated. This innovative product hitting the industry strikes the perfect balance between portability, performance, and game-changing tech features such as dedicated Gaming Mode and advanced Bluetooth capabilities.

Product Overview

The Ant Esports Infinity Plus TWS True Wireless Earbuds in a sleek black/grey finish, thrive in terms of style, substance, and superior quality. They offer the user power-packed advanced features, claiming to deliver great audio and smart control solutions making their user experience more intuitive.

Music and Gaming Mode

These earbuds quickly optimize to your need of the hour with specific modes. The Music Mode enhances the bass, reportedly adding depth to your favorite tunes. For immersive game-playing, the low latency in its Game Mode ensures complete sync with the device, providing an edge in your gaming experience. Moreover, it helps in maintaining uninterrupted waves of instant audio acceleration.

Outstanding Performance & Comfort

The performance of Ant Esports Infinity Plus is exemplary. Offering long hours of usage, each earbud delivers 4-6 hours of battery time, escalating upto 20 hours in their 300mAh charging case. This low-power-consuming product ensures maximized utility and enjoyment, given a meager charging time of about 2 hours.

Compatibility and convenience are accomplished by the isolation of external noise, delivering smooth audio transmission by intelligent noise reduction tech. Literally tailor-engineered to your ears, they ensure optimal comfort during their application, even over more extended sessions.

Advanced Chipset & Smart Control

Embedded with an innovative, low power consumption chipset fitted within, the longevity of this gadget, be it for music or gaming, reassures its reliance. The inclusion of a 10mm speaker driver accentuates extra bass sound quality, enabling a live musical feel and gathering appraisal in testing conditions.

Smart control has been revolutionarily remodelled in this gadget, with the inclusion of its intuitive touch control panel, smoothing over boundaries between the user and earbud. Commands to play/pause, switch tracks can be simply enabled by hand, proving its dynamic design for newly technologically engaged users too.


Ant Esports Infinity Plus TWS True Wireless Earbuds embody innovation and convenience. Whether you're savouring your favourite music, or intensely gaming, these earbuds accommodate with custom modes, ensuring a top-notch experience with comfort intact.

Product Specifications

Battery Time (each earbud) 4-6 hours
Charging Case Battery Time 20 hours
Charging Time Approx 2 hours
Bluetooth Capabilities 5.3
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Product Info

  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Size: Standard
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 0.82677 * 0.110231131 * 1.61417
  • ReleaseDate: 04/11/2023 00:00:01
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: AEIPTWBG
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
  • ItemPartNumber: AEIPTWBG

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