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Delve into Deep Sounds with Amazon Basics 6W Gaming Soundbar - Next Level Multimedia Experience and Unrivaled Sound Quality Wrapped in RGB Lights

Amazon Basics 6W Multimedia PC Gaming Soundbar with Aux Connectivity, USB Support, Volume Control, and RGB Lights

Product Features

  • SOUND OUTPUT: It is powered by USB 2.0 which ensures excellent sound quality
  • EASY TO CONNECT: 3.5 mm line input jack makes it compatible with multiple devices
  • AUX SUPPORT: Features AUX support for further compatibility
  • RGB LIGHTS: Comes with RGB LED lights to enhance your gaming experience
  • EASY CONTROLS: You can control the volume easily owing to the volume control buttons
  • COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with laptops, PCs, and desktops
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Gaming Soundbar

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MRP: 1999

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Product Review

Product Review: Amazon Basics 6W Multimedia PC Gaming Soundbar with Aux Connectivity, USB Support, Volume Control, and RGB Lights

In recent years, we importance and need for excellent sound quality in our PCs has dramatically gone sky high considering the increasing amount of PC games, streaming, and multimedia uses. Especially in gaming, you want to hear the environment, listen to the cues and totally immerse yourselves in the world of the scene unfolding on your screen. This is when products like Amazon Basics 6W Multimedia PC Gaming Soundbar come in to play. This review will elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of this product, telling you the reason why it's a fan favorite.

A Thorough Gaze into the Product

Features and Properties Description
Sound Output Quality This soundbar gets its power from USB 2.0 connectivity, which results in healthy, crisp, and unbeatable sound quality that can elevate your gaming or screening experience from average to exceptional.
Connectivity With a 3.5 mm line input jack, this device is compatible with a range of other devices making its connectivity versatile.
Aux Support This auxiliary jack further extends the range of compatible devices, increasing overall user convenience.
RGB Lights Besides delivering top-notch sound, this PC gaming soundbar also comes with vibrant RGB LED lights. While they aim to increase the visual appeal of your setup, they indeed become a factor in adding a bit character in your memorable and pumped gaming expeditions.
Volume Controls Easily control the volume with its easy-access and simple-to-use control buttons.
Compatibility This is the soundbar that has screen compatibility with multiple devices and setup, including laptops, desktop PCs, and a range of yet other devices.
Package Contents All of this comes with the 1 gaming Soundbar. A plug-and-play device that is ready to rumble and enhance your games or movies instantly.

A Verdict on Usability

The Amazon Basics 6W MultiMedia PC Gaming Soundbar offers a plug-and-play interface, which means right out of the box, hook it up to your PC or desktop, and you're good to go. As to its simplistic design and enhanced functionality, the gadget acts as exactly the kind of missing tool your gaming setup might need delivering clear, vibrant, top-of-the-range sound qualities, whether they through gaming sessions or casual movie watching. Its universal compatibility means it really is for everyone, excluding no device. That purely poses us a universal choice, and the sheer easy-to-use handling makes it yet loved by many more. Switching over to its aesthetics, it enhances its surrounding accordingly to the situation using crazily innovative and popping RGB LED lights up front, pleasant especially during the low-lit and rated gaming regimes. Due to all these features packed tightly together and developed sleek, this gaming soundbar passes with outstanding grades at a remarkably affordable pricing given what's on display! It complements enhanced user visual and audio experience soundly, effortlessly.

Overall Decision

In sum, the Amazon Basics 6W Multimedia PC Gaming Soundbar proves credibly an all-rounder for those who might be after a polished gaming experience, vibrant lights, realistic sound quality, and heavyweight software feasible sound treatments. Given its affordable pricing point, it is looking at a stop point for all users. A Wi-Fi modulation or support could have been more appreciated, too, following today's evolving technology and practical utility, but it's the kind of offer we gamers and general users might always look at vibrantly and seek for. It brings together sound performance and sound playing all under a sleek and admirable price tag; a rare amalgamation in today's market. The Amazon Basics 6W Multimedia PC Gaming Soundbar is indeed an exception made to dominate at this front,and that very label of 'Amazon Basics' tells quite lot about incessant, developed, reliable quality tag line it always is bound to provide along. Therefore, without reserving any part of users, the product is recommended!

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Product Info

  • Color: Black
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 2.9527559025 * 1.0251495183 * 2.7952755877
  • ReleaseDate: 05/25/2023 00:00:01
  • NumberOfItems: 1

Technical Details

Brand ‎Amazon basics
Manufacturer ‎Your Accessoires Store, Your Accessories Store, B-36, 3rd floor, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi - 110064, India
Series ‎AB- YM-135
Colour ‎Black
Item Height ‎7.5 Centimeters
Item Width ‎33.2 Centimeters
Product Dimensions ‎7.1 x 33.2 x 7.5 cm; 465 Grams
Item model number ‎AB- YM-135
Included Components ‎Speaker
Manufacturer ‎Your Accessoires Store
Country of Origin ‎China
Item Weight ‎465 g

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: AB- YM-135
  • Warranty: 6 Months limited warranty on manufacturing defects. For warranty, contact - Phone: 1800-419-0416 or Email: amazonbrands@blubirch.com (Working hours: 10am to 6pm on Monday-Friday except National Holidays)
  • ItemPartNumber: AB- YM-135

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 849 INR

Discount: 58 %

MRP: 1999

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