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Full-featured Review and Specifications: Amazon Basics Ultra Fast & High-Capacity 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Amazon Basics 128GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive 1 Pack

Product Features

  • 128GB ultra fast USB 3.1 flash drive with high-speed transmission; read speeds up to 130MB/s
  • Store videos, photos, and songs; 128 GB capacity = 32,000 12MP photos or 488 minutes 1080P video recording
  • Note: Actual storage capacity shown by a device's OS may be less than the capacity indicated on the product label due to different measurement standards. The available storage capacity is higher than 115GB.
  • 15x faster than USB 2.0 drives; USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 port required on host devices to achieve optimal read/write speed; Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 host devices at lower speed
  • Stylish appearance,retractable, telescopic design with key hole
  • High-quality NAND FLASH flash memory chips can effectively protect your data security
  • Note: No integrated LED light indicator

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Product Review

Product Review: Amazon Basics 128GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive 1 Pack


Tech enthusiasts, professionals and students on the go understand the importance of portable storage. The flexibility and convenience offered by having an extensive databank at your disposal anytime, anywhere makes a substantial difference. In this review, we delve into the features, performance, and functionality of the Amazon Basics 128GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive, exploring whether it is worth your investment.

Memory and Speed Performance

Part of the flash drive's crowd-pulling features is its enormous 128GB storage capacity, allowing you to store a headache amount of essential data on-the-go. To put that into perspective, it equates to around 32,000 photos snapped with a 12MP camera or 488 minutes of crystal clear 1080P video recording. However, the available storage seen on your device's operating system could be higher than 115GB due to varying measurement standards.

The Amazon Basics USB Flash Drive also stands out with its ultra-fast USB 3.1 interface capable of a 130MB/s read speed. That's a staggering 15 times more than your conventional USB 2.0 drive, ensuring near-instantaneous transfer times. Saunter between heavy-duty files in the blink of an eye regardless of plethoric data you store.


For such a fast-paced device, you might wonder about the USB port requirement. While it would be best if you had a USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 port to achieve the flash drives top performance, it's also backwards compatible. Meaningly, it can still fit into USB 2.0 host devices, albeit transferring data at reduced speeds.

Design and Build Quality

On ensuring its complex performance details don't outweigh aesthetics, the flash drive brandishes stylish retractable, telescopic design crowned with a keynote hole. This makes it a striking addition to your tech arsenals while assuring easy portability and secure convenience given its pocket-friendly size.

User experience

This flash drive embodies straightforward usability, making sure you can store and transport bulky files, case-sensitive documents, or vibrant photos and clear flowing videos, effortless and hassle-free. While the absence of an LED light indicator might be its lone flaw design-wise, the ultrafast transfer speeds and the amply enormous storage space at your disposal would more than makeup for this minor gripe.

Reliability and Longevity

In its final impressive trick, the Amazon Basics flash drive uses high-quality NAND FLASH memory chips. Notorious for their excellent performance and durability, these chips reasonably hold the promise of prolonged lifespan protecting your data's uncompromised security and safeguarding its top speed for plethoric data transmission times.

Specification Table

Feature Specification
Storage Capacity 128GB
Read Speeds Up to 130MB/s
Port Required USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0
Backward Compatibility USB 2.0 ports at lower speed
Design Retractable, Telescopic design.


Based on the prime features elaborated in this review, Amazon Basics 128GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive outshines not only in quantity through its huge storage space but credibly upholds its title by sprinting exquisitely in speed performance. It then seals in user convenience thanks to its retractable design and enhanced life cycle due to the integration of high-quality memory chips. An all-unifying and compelling offer with hard68 GB(Default and not used, shouldnot be applyin(p)))Will multitask.drop CPU Ranked/unpointerated for performance drummer.default apparent future))enough ultra-fast transfer speeds and secure memory to handle and meet your needs exceptionally, this might just be the last flash drive you need to invest in.

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Product Info

  • Size: 128 GB
  • Dimentions(H*W*L): 0.53 * 0.02 * 2.24

Technical Details

Brand ‎Amazon basics
Manufacturer ‎AmazonBasics
Item Height ‎0.53 Inches
Item Width ‎0.79 Inches
Product Dimensions ‎5.69 x 2.01 x 1.35 cm; 9.07 Grams
Item model number ‎LS21USB128G1
RAM Size ‎128 GB
Manufacturer ‎AmazonBasics
Item Weight ‎9.07 g

Manufecturing Info

  • Model: LS21USB128G1
  • ItemPartNumber: LS21USB128G1

Check the price at Amazon

Price: 799 INR

Discount: 60 %

MRP: 1999

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