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Active Stylus Pen Review: Advanced Precision and Compatibility for iOS, Android Tablet/Phones and Beyond

Active Stylus Pen for iOS and Android Tablet/Phone, Universal Stylus Pencil for Apple iPad All Model, Samsung/Xiaomi Pad and Other Tablets, iPhone, Android Phones, Drawing & Writing

Product Features

  • 【Wide Compatibility】:The active stylus pencil that works on most ios and Android tablets or phone touch screen devices. The universal stylus pen is compatible with all models of iPad and iPhone, Xiaomi pad, Samsung pad, etc.【NOTE】NOT compatible with Microsoft Windows, HP, Huawei, Dell, Lenovo devices, and all laptops.
  • 【Highly Sensitive】: Experience unparalleled accuracy with our stylus pen's ultra-sensitive 1.5mm fine tip. Achieve precise detailing and effortless creativity on both Android and iOS devices. 【Note】It does not palm rejection. Please avoid placing your palm on the screen during use.
  • 【Intuitive Operation and Fast Charging】:Seamlessly switch on and off by double-tapping the top of the stylus. No need to connect Bluetooth and WIFI. Keep track of your stylus pen's power with the convenient three LED indicators, giving you clear visibility of your remaining battery life. Charge your stylus pen for just 90 minutes, and enjoy a remarkable 10 hours of uninterrupted usage. 【Note】: Power Saving Mode: 5 Minutes Without Using Smart Power Off.
  • 【Magnetic Adsorption】:With a magnetic adsorption function, the stylus pen can be adsorbed to the side of the tablet computer, which is not easy to lose and easy to carry. 【Note】It does not have magnetic charging. The magnetic suction function is only applicable to iPad with magnetic suction.
  • 【After-Sales Service】: If your stylus pen isn't responsive or functions incorrectly, follow these steps: ❶ Ensure sufficient battery power. ❷Tiny characters might skip or vanish. ❸Low-quality screen protectors can affect conductivity. ❹Avoid hand-screen contact while using the stylus. ❺Some apps need specific settings for stylus use.❻If it still doesn't work, please contact us: S U P P O R T @ P A P E R F E E L . N E T

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